A Refugee’s Journey

The journey of a refugee begins with a dream borne of catastrophe. A dream to live in a land of freedom and promise, a dream to live life to the fullest. But the distance between these dreams and reality often covers thousands of miles and years of hardship before they come to pass. From single mothers to young children fleeing the violent landscape of their home countries, our refugee brothers and sisters often find themselves in great sorrow and fear. There is no place to call home, and the interminable wait for a new country to welcome them is excruciating. All they have ever known is stripped away, and some will never see their loved ones again. The endless interviews and cold applications are daunting, but they have no other choice. Going back would mean death, moving forward would mean a life full of challenges.

When a refugee is finally accepted to a new country after years of agony and uncertainty, fresh hope fills their heart and overflows. This is their opportunity to live again, learn again, work again. However, when they ultimately arrive in this new land, there is no one to help them. They cannot speak the language, their education and careers are not acknowledged, and they have no money. They have nothing but a broken spirit and shattered hope. How does one begin to dream again?

The House of Omeed is a place of refuge for those who have come from distant lands far and wide, seeking sanctuary and a place to be loved and known. We compassionately journey alongside our refugee families each step of the way, caring for and helping them build a new life and home together. We bridge the distance so that one day, their dreams will become reality.